A Showcase of Excellence: Celebrating the Triumphs of the Malaysian Furniture Show

Table of Contents In a vibrant testament to the resilience and creativity of Malaysia’s furniture industry, the recent Malaysian Furniture Show has been hailed as a ‘resounding success’. Drawing participants and attendees from across the globe, this event not only showcased the latest trends and innovations in furniture design but also highlighted Malaysia’s pivotal role […]

A Reprieve for Muar’s Furniture Titans: Navigating Sales Tax and Penalties

Table of Contents In a specific development for the furniture industry in Muar, Malaysia, five prominent furniture firms have recently found themselves “off the hook” regarding previously contested sales tax and penalties. This news comes as a welcome relief to the firms involved as well as to the wider furniture sector in the region, known […]

Celebrating Innovation: Recognizing Trailblazing Furniture Designers

Table of Contents In the evolving landscape of interior design, where functionality meets finesse, innovative furniture designers play a pivotal role in shaping our living spaces. Their creations transcend mere utility, becoming embodiments of art, personal expression, and environmental stewardship. This blog is an honour to those who keep a vital role for the future […]

Government to Continue Facilitating Furniture Industry’s Development

Table of Contents The furniture industry has long been a cornerstone of economic development and craftsmanship across the globe. With its rich heritage of design, manufacturing, and innovation, this sector contributes significantly to national economies, job creation, and the pursuit of sustainable living environments. Recognizing the immense potential and the challenges faced by the furniture […]

Furniture Maker Actiforce to Set Up RM50 Mil Manufacturing Plant in Penang

Ruma Furniture

Table of Contents Actiforce, a renowned name in the furniture manufacturing industry, has recently announced plans to establish a new manufacturing plant in Penang, Malaysia, with an investment of RM50 million. This significant move is set to bolster the region’s economy, create numerous job opportunities, and reinforce Malaysia’s position in the global furniture market.   […]

Introducing Australian Home Design and Lifestyle into Malaysian Living Spaces. Is that a Cultural Appropriation or Cultural Exchange?

Australian Home Design

Table of Contents In recent years, there has been a growing trend of Malaysian homeowners embracing Australian home design principles and lifestyle choices in their homes. This trend stops from the admiration for the laid-back, yet sophisticated Australian way of living, as well as the timeless elegance and functionality of Australian interior design. In this […]